SynCity Festival at Wageningen University

On the 5th and 6th of October we had the honour of showcasing our work at the Syn City Festival at Wageningen University. This Arts and Science festival explored the influence of synthetic biology on the world we live in today through lectures, short films and art installations. To our surprise, our installation was a big success amoung the audience. It was pointed out as the core element of the festival by many visitors we spoke to.

Louise Fresco, head of Wageningen University, tweeted about her visit of our installation. Photos: Anneliek Peters

Not only did we contribute to the festival by showcasing our installation, but also did the festival contribute to the content of our installation. Throughout the festival we had conversations with a lot of visitors, ranging from scientists to students in the field of (synthetic) biology. These inspiring conversations gave us new insights and helped us to shape the next phase of this project. As artists, we can of course only imagine what scientists speculate, so being able to interact with them through this installation was a very valuable opportunity. For us, this festival proved once again that the collaboration between scientists and artists is an unique but important one, as it makes the topic a bit more available and mostly more understandable for the general public. This kind of art creates a language which speaks to everyone.


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