‘anima factura; an ode to the life to be created’ is an installation created by second year students of Interdisciplinary Arts (iArts) Maastricht under the guidance of guest teachers Xandra van der Eijk and Roos Meerman. anima factura connects artistic research and debate on science in society. It is a collaborative effort to articulate issues related to Synthetic Biology.

The first phase of this installation was exhibited at the SynCity Arts & Science festival which was facilitated and organised by Wageningen University’s Systems and Synthetic Biology (5-6 October), in collaboration with LIS Consult and Radboud University’s Institute for Science in Society Nijmegen (ISiS). BioArt Laboratories invited iArts Maastricht to develop and elaborate a second phase of anima factura for the Dutch Design Week. This phase is based on the experiences and feedback of the scientific audience at the SynCity Festival.

In the form of a video installation, it consists of nine screens that show separate videos. A network of wires connects the screens. The videos represent unique features taken from various processes of different organisms. The processes highlighted are chosen to draw attention to the uncharted potential that exists in organisms and can potentially play a promising role in the future advancements of Synthetic Biology. To name a few ; the Deinococcus Radiodurans’ (a microorganism) ability to reconstruct its own DNA after its destruction by radiation or the Turritopsis Nutricula’s (a jellyfish) ability to turn back its biological clock.